A Reputable

Child Care Development Center

Our Story

Ms. R. Carson founded A Place 2 Grow in 2005. We are now located in the Baldwin Hills Community just across the street from the Crenshaw Plaza. I come with over 20 years of computer programming experience and seven years of teaching experience. We are licensed to serve over 7 families with school-age students. Our facility operates with pride three programs at our large childcare development center.

Our infant center ranges in ages from one week to age 2. Our preschool program begins at ages 2 through ages 5. Our school-age program begins with children in kindergarten through 5th grade. At the school-age level, we offer after-school care and a full-day summer program. Although we operate three wonderful programs, each component operates independently of the other.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a loving, safe, and developmentally appropriate learning environment for each child, thereby facilitating a quality, healthy childhood. We provide open, honest communication among the parents, teachers, and staff, and the administration. We encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Together, we can create an optimal learning environment and a healthy and happy childhood for our children.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that each child is unique and should take pride in individual attributes, family, and culture. We celebrate diversity in our staff and in our curriculum. Our program encourages positive interactions between teacher and child, parent and child, parent and teacher as well as the development of a family-centered partnership that allows for a comfortable transition between home and school.

Our age-appropriate curriculum and programs are designed to assist and encourage each child to reach his or her potential. Our environment fosters the value of self and others, provides an atmosphere for independence, and is a place where each child experiences increased confidence and success.

We have a diverse and bilingual Staff


We have a diverse and bilingual Staff


State-of-the-Art Curriculum Overview of Our Creative Curriculum

The creative curriculum begins with devoting time to building a strong classroom community and also developing meaningful relationships with children and their families, and helping children become familiar with the skills needed to conduct an investigation. 

The creative curriculum organizes hands-on investigative studies, systematic instruction and daily routines into a coherent, careful sequence. There are plans for investigations, explorations, and experiences during every part of your child’s day. The creative curriculum promotes development and learning in other contexts. It is designed to engage children in interesting topics that are relevant to their daily lives. 

Children actively explore to find answers to their own questions about the topic. Children investigate topics through direct experiences and manipulate real objects. Children have the opportunity to develop skills such as observing, exploring, problem solving, communicating, and representing. Children learn critical literacy and mathematics skills in the context of each study.