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Programs at Our Child Care Development Center

Our facility operates with pride three programs, ranging from one week through 5th grade, at our childcare development center.

Infant Program


Age Group

One week to 2 years old


We know that babies are very delicate and require lots of care and attention. We exceed the required ratio required by the State of California. We spend a great deal of time meeting the needs of each baby. We talk to the child and validate each of their feelings. We read to the children, and we do lots of music and movement activities.

We spend time indoors and outdoors so that they receive ample exposure to other environments with fresh air and sunlight. We plan activities for the small children involving paint and water. We begin introducing healthy foods and fresh fruit when age-ready. When your children reach the age of two they are transition into our Preschool Program.

Preschool and Toddler Program


We know that when children have the opportunity to handle and be involved with materials, they gain positive understanding knowledge. We use lots of water, paint, clay, and other mediums that children enjoy. The activity plan places a strong emphasis on early literacy and language development. We spend a great deal of time reading with children of all ages. Older toddlers dictate stories and enjoy making simple books. The academic program for the younger children is very experiential in nature.

We use lots of water, paint, clay, and other sensory materials that children enjoy. Our activity plan places a strong emphasis on early literacy and language development. Stories are read all through the day allowing children to develop a rich background of quality illustrated picture books. We are laying the foundation for successful future readers and lifelong learners.


Age Group

2 to 5 years old

School-Age Program

Age Group

Kindergarten through 5th Grade


We receive the children after they have encountered a long day at school. Our goal is to allow them a chance to socialize and relax while completing their homework assignments. We also provide puzzles and games that allow them a chance to bond with other students while gaining a competitive edge on the skills that they need to develop to compete with their peers.

We also provide care when children are on break from their regular school programs. We provide a variety of learning and fun experiences which include a series of field trips.

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